Kobus really cares about where he places his clients and visa versa. He listens and negotiates for both sides, and ensures a smooth transition for both parties. True professional by definition. ~ Tshepo Masemola

First and foremost, communication was excellent. Knowledge of the role as well as all additional questions I had were answered in a professional and timely manner. Throughout the recruitment process I was made aware of the necessary steps to be taken and constantly updated with regards to what was required from my part. As an added benefit, my personal preferences were considered in terms of when I was available for interviews and which starting dates to consider. I can confidently say that this was my best experience with a recruitment agency and would highly recommend Kobus’ assistance. ~ Hano Smith

I have a great deal of respect for the way Kobus does his job as a recruitment consultant. Kobus arranged my first interview at my current employer more than a year before I started working here. I explained to him that it would be impossible for me to leave my employment at that time and that I would only be interested in changing jobs about a year later. Kobus kept in touch with me as well as with my current management, never pressuring me into a rushed decision. When I was ready to change my job I informed Kobus and he handled all the arrangement wrt. follow up interviews, answering questions and making me feel at ease with the whole process. I can honestly say that Kobus is a professional and that anyone should feel privileged to deal with him. ~ PJ Van Ginkel

My experience and interaction with Kobus was a real eye opener of how recruiters should be conducting themselves. Until meeting him I had a very bad opinion of recruiters as a whole but he definitely changed that in a very positive way. He delivered exactly what he promised and was always courteous and professional. Thanks to him I’m now in a position to do the work I enjoy at a company that really offers me a future and valuable experience. Thank you Kobus. ~ Elsabe Schoeman