Would you not love a job where you are looking forward to Mondays? In order to fulfill this aim we work with some of the top clients in the industry and are on the preferred supplier lists of many clients where other agencies can only strive to be.

At Career Minded our aim is to match people to jobs so that both the job seeker and the employer are satisfied at the highest level.

The aim of a recruitment agency is to assist you in finding the right job that will ultimately assist in building your career. This can be a time consuming task. We provide you with this full service at no cost. Our job is to find you your dream job while you focus on your current role.

When people are looking for a job they typically have a short term vision and are only focused on finding their next job opportunity. Career Minded looks beyond this and will consider your long term career objectives and map out a path as to how you will get reach your goal..

Career Minded prides itself on building lasting relationships with our applicants and assisting you throughout your career. We realize that without us representing the top talent (YOU) within the country we won’t be able to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. We are happy to give career advice at any point during your career and to start building a strong relationship in that way.