5 noteworthy questions to definitely ask the interviewer

It’s best to have a set of questions ready for your interviewer – here are a few favourites.

After an interview, hiring managers often ask if the candidate has any questions. Knowing the right questions to ask can make all the difference.

1. If you could describe this company in one sentence, what would it be?
Make the hiring manager think and they will remember you. This is a hard question to answer but it can start a conversation about the details. Professional conversation eases interview nerves and demonstrates the company’s atmosphere.

2. How can someone be the most successful in this position?
Asking how you could be successful in the position shows that you want to mold yourself around what the company needs. It will also give you subtle information on whether this is the right job for you. If they are looking for a follower, for example, and you are a leader, it may not be the right fit.

3. Where do you see the person filling this position in the next 10 years?
Hiring managers want to know if candidates will stay with the company long term. Asking this question not only assures them you plan to stay but that you plan to move up the ladder someday.

4. How would you like me to follow up?
Professionals say a candidate should constantly check up on the status of the position. Hiring managers disagree and consider it annoying. Some companies hire within a few days. Others take up to six months or more to choose someone for a position.

5. How did this position come to be open?
Although this is an important question to ask for yourself, some hiring managers may consider this one prying. You want to know if someone left this position and why. If the hiring manager asks not to talk about it, it should be a red flag. Just like a candidate can have a rocky past, each employer has a hidden downside.